Pulsating Irrigation Products (PIP) is an irrigation company specializing in low flow frost protection and irrigation.  PIP’s innovative R&D efforts focus on the needs of modern agriculture, and offers solutions specially designed to meet those needs.

PIP is the exclusive owner of the patented Pulsator® technology developed by engineer Gideon Ruttenberg more than 20 years ago. The PIP Pulsator® has been marketed extensively worldwide and has been used by growers ever since its introduction. PIP’s Pulsator® is a small device that converts a continuous low flow entering its inlet into an instantaneous high flow ejected through its outlet in short pulses. As demonstrated in the video, PIP’s Pulsators® are uniquely engineered to deliver water in an efficient and cost-effective manner to our customers.

Pulsator® Applications:

  • Frost protection of grapes, blueberries, apples, and other crops

  • Cooling of grapes, cherries, and other crops

  • Humidity control, cooling, and irrigation of greenhouses

  • Cooling of poultry and livestock

  • Irrigation of trees, bushes, and flowers

  • Germination of plants in nurseries